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Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane

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Beneath the velvety cloak of night, the Shadow Lotus Tea Emporium unveils its most decadently dark creation yet: the Candy Cane Lane Tea. This is where the elegance of gothic tradition meets the festive spirit, a place where every cup whispers tales of yuletide with a mysterious twist.


This caffeinated dark black tea blend is a masterful concoction that beckons the curious and the bold. With its foundation of organic Black Tea, each leaf is carefully chosen for its deep, rich flavors, embodying the essence of the night itself. Into this darkness, we weave the luxurious sweetness of Vanilla, a hint of light amidst the shadows, bringing a creamy, dreamlike quality to the brew.


The magic of the blend is brought to life with the brisk, invigorating presence of Peppermint. Like a wisp of cold winter air through a forgotten hall, it invigorates the senses, offering a refreshing contrast to the depth beneath. And, as if by a spell cast in the dead of winter, Candy Cane Pieces dissolve into the potion, their festive spirit lending a hauntingly joyful twist to each sip.


Candy Cane Lane Tea is a tribute to the yuletide night and the hidden delights within it. Best served hot, it becomes a comforting beacon in the darkness, a steaming cup that warms the soul and stirs the imagination. Each 8 oz container holds the key to around 24 cups of this enchanting experience, a promise of many nights filled with the allure of mystery and the comfort of tradition.


In the realm of the Shadow Lotus Tea Emporium, the Candy Cane Lane Tea stands as a testament to the beauty found in contrasts: the dark and the light, the warm and the cool, the timeless and the seasonal. It invites you to indulge in a taste of the holiday spirit as seen through a gothic lens, where every cup is a celebration not just of the season, but of the depth and complexity of the night itself.


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