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Travel Altar Bracelet

Travel Altar Bracelet

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Earth:  Teapot/Hematite

Air:  Bee/Amethyst

Fire: Dragon/Carnelian

Water:  Squid/Prehnite

Inner Circumference: 6 inches

Bead Size: 8mm


In the veiled shadows of the ancient world, where the whispering winds speak of forgotten lore and the moonlit paths lead to mysteries untold, there lies the Shadow Lotus Tea Emporium, a sanctuary for the seekers of the arcane and the guardians of the old ways. Among its myriad treasures, the most coveted is the Travel Altar Bracelet, a marvel of craft and magick, woven from the very essence of the elements themselves.


Description: Forged in the depths of night and blessed by the silvery light of the moon, the Travel Altar Bracelet is a masterpiece of gothic elegance and mystical power. Each bracelet is a tapestry of dark beauty, featuring charms that mark the sacred quarters of North, South, East, and West. North, with its charm of Earth, grounded in the strength of ancient stone; East, where the Air's charm breathes life into the silent whispers of dawn; South, ablaze with Fire's charm, a beacon of desire and transformation; and West, where the charm of Water flows with the deep, healing secrets of the abyss. Encircling each charm, four stones resonate with the elemental force it embodies, their energies intertwined in a dance of balance and harmony.

Instructions for Use:



  • Begin by removing the bracelet from your wrist with reverence, acknowledging its power as a tool of connection between the earthly and the divine.
  • Find a sacred space where you can align the bracelet with the actual compass points of the planet. This act of alignment binds the bracelet's energy with the energies of the Earth, creating a conduit for spiritual communication.



  • Place the bracelet before you, ensuring that each elemental charm faces its corresponding direction: North for Earth, East for Air, South for Fire, and West for Water.
  • If you wish, place a small candle in the center to honor the spirit or other travel altar items that resonate with your intent. This central flame will serve as a beacon, calling forth the energies you seek to commune with.


Ritual Use:

  • As you focus on the bracelet, allow your mind to drift into a state of meditation, connecting with the elemental energies represented by the charms and stones.
  • You may use the bracelet as a focal point for casting circles, invoking the elements, or as a portable altar for spellwork and prayers, drawing upon the energies for protection, guidance, and insight.



  • Should the spirits whisper for a more personal connection, the Shadow Lotus Tea Emporium offers the sacred service of customization. Select charms and crystals that speak to your soul, crafting a unique talisman that resonates with your innermost desires and path.


Care and Maintenance:

  • After each use, cleanse the bracelet with smoke from sage or incense to clear any residual energies.
  • When not in use, store the bracelet in a cloth of silk or velvet to protect its power.


In the embrace of the night, under the watchful gaze of the stars, the Travel Altar Bracelet serves as a guardian and guide, a bridge between worlds. It is a companion for those who walk the twilight paths, seeking to weave the ancient magicks into the tapestry of their lives. In its beauty lies the keys to the mysteries, a beacon for those who dare to tread the shadowed roads of the unseen.

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